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WIN 2 nights at any SLH hotel around the world…

by Matthew Florent - July 31st, 2014

I went to a seminar the other day about getting people’s attention. I don’t mean shouting at them in the street or throwing a water balloon at them. I mean online attention. It’s a busy old internet out there and I get about 500 emails a day now. So if you can discover the secret to getting that attention and keeping it you’re on to a winner.

As I listened it also sounded very complicated indeed until one person stood up and just said: “Put the word ‘WIN’ in the title in capitals.”

So, as you should hopefully have noticed, I have.

The question is… do I have your attention?

We’ll find out soon won’t we!

Blog Competition Real Image

Because in my hand I have a voucher for four free nights at any SLH hotel in the world. But four seems greedy to me. Two will do. So I have two to give to one of you dear readers. But first you must do something for me. You must tell me where I should go next…

There’s something rather liberating about going somewhere having had no role in the decision making process. So whoever of you comes up with the best reason for me to go to one of the several hundred SLH hotels will be going to that very hotel for a couple of nights of free luxury. And shortly afterwards I’ll be going there too to find out if my winner chose wisely.

So if you fancy a free stay somewhere and have a spare minute to let me know why I should go there comment below and tell me where I should go and why I should go there.

And entitle the comment “WIN TWO NIGHTS IN A LUXURY HOTEL.” That way we can be sure yours gets my full attention.


  • Competition will close on 4th August 2014
  • To enter competition write name of hotel and country as a comment below blog post
  • Winner will be drawn at random and notified by the email address attached to their WordPress account
  • Entrants can only enter competition twice


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In Profile: Exploring Oman

by Matthew Florent - July 24th, 2014

Oman Scenery Oman Beach

Oman is the best kept secret of the Middle East bordering United Arab Emirates to the North-West, Yemen to the South and Saudi Arabia to the West. Oman remains a largely undiscovered paradise with a choice of luxury hotels to choose from. 

Recently, 6 members of the Destinology team had the privilege of visiting Oman, and visited 2 new properties called Millennium Mussanah and Sifawy Boutique Hotel. On their return we spoke to them and got some great feedback about their trip so thought we’d share this with you.

Millennium Mussanah Resort, Oman Sifawy Boutique Hotel, Oman

Victoria Critchlow, our Product Manager for the Middle East tells to us about her recent visit;

“If you think Oman is a similar experience to Dubai, think again! I’d always thought of Oman in this way, maybe for a traveller who fancied a change from Dubai? But it is so much more! 

A small personal airport, low rise buildings, quiet calm roads, an emerald green ocean, snorkelling with turtles, dolphin watching and friendly locals so desperate to make you feel welcome! We visited a traditional house, ate traditional food and stayed in the mountains to escape the heat… this destination is such a hidden gem.”

The Millennium Mussanah Resort is located in the Batina region of Oman and is a 45 minute drive from the international airport, however close enough to drive to Muscat. This resort is an all-round fantastic resort, set in a beautiful location that is suitable for both families and couples.

Millennium Mussanah, Pool View Millennium Mussanah, Executive Suite

Tracy Mallitt, Personal Travel Consultant tells us more about the Millennium Mussanah and her recent stay:

“The Millenium Mussanah was a pleasant surprise and not what I expected. The views over the gulf and marina were stunning. The facilities here exceeded my expectations. 

The Zayna Spa offers luxurious treatments and having sampled one of these, I can thoroughly recommend you not leave the resort without one.

The sport and leisure activities on offer were endless. From tennis, volleyball and beach football to sailing, snorkelling and PADI dive courses – a real all-rounder for those seeking an active holiday. There are four swimming pools to choose from (one being ladies only) or alternatively you can relax and unwind on the resort’s private beach. Children are also well catered for in the hotel run kids club.

We ate lunch in the buffet restaurant Mydan where they have live cooking stations as well as the buffet – all tastes were catered for. The food was lovely, plentiful and the desserts were a real sweet treat. For a more unique experience, the Al Bahar restaurant offer dishes from Morocco and the Far East.

The room options here vary from the Deluxe Garden Views, Superior Sea View to the Junior and Executive Suites. All these are located in the main building of the hotel. A short stroll next door takes you to the apartments ranging from the Studio Apartments up to the larger Two Bedroom Deluxe Apartments. I found all the rooms to have lovely Arabian décor, well-furnished and great facilities.”

The Sifawy Boutique Hotel is suited along the sandy white beaches and blue waters of the Arabian Sea. With its beautiful, relaxed atmosphere, this is the perfection location for you to sit back and soak up the sun. For those of you that also want to discover the capital, Muscat, it’s only 45km drive away.

Sifawy Boutique Hotel, Beach View Sifawy Boutique Hotel, Marina Suite

Makita Harwood, Personal Travel Consultant tells us more about the Sifawy Boutique Hotel and her recent stay;

“First of all the design of the hotel was very chic and contemporary and you get the feeling of pure luxury as soon as you walk in. The rooms where really spacious and each room has a private balcony which is beautifully furnished, allowing you to relax in your own personal surroundings.

The food was amazing and there was such a wide choice to choose from! The food station was brilliant as this allowed you to get a wide range of dishes such as pasta etc. that was freshly cooked for you. The deserts were to die for too.

The location of the hotel allowed you to have the best of both worlds, located in the Jebel Sifah resort with a beautiful Marina and stunning views of the mountains in the background yet still within easy reach of the bustling city of Muscat. 

The beach was totally not what I expected to see in Oman, I was completely taken back by the pristine white sands and turquoise waters.  There was also a small restaurant on the beach, which apparently is very popular and highly recommended serving locally sourced seafood. 

Overall the hotel has a very relaxed with a peaceful atmosphere as well as a great choice of excursions to be able to explore Oman. I will definitely be recommending this hotel to my clients. Both couples and families alike.”

Destinology employees with Pierre in Oman Destinology employees with Pierre in Oman

Anna Davies, Gold Personal Travel Consultant told us about Pierre, who was one of the hosts that looked after the team during their stay, which made their trip that extra special;

“Pierre was the perfect host! He was welcoming, charismatic and charming, such a witty gentleman, who has done so much for the Al Bustan Palace. He’s worked there for around 25 years now, and seen the hotel grow so much.

He showed us around the hotel, and he took the time to explain all the room categories. Best of all he did it with such great interest, we simply enjoyed every minute. The meal he offered us was just perfect and every little detail was taken care off! We all enjoyed our visit thoroughly that evening and would definitely recommend it.”

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Discover the Cook Islands with Destinology

by Matthew Florent - June 25th, 2014

Located halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, the Cook Islands are a collection of 15 islands with beautiful sands, a glorious climate and friendly, welcoming locals. From the sumptuous authentic cuisine to the superb snorkelling and diving, there’s plenty to experience, and you take home memories that will last a lifetime.

The main island is Raratonga, around 10 hours’ flight from Los Angeles and five hours from Auckland in New Zealand. Although Raratonga is where the international airport is located, this tiny island is actually only 30km in circumference and although relatively unspoilt by tourism, offers some lovely accommodation and great restaurants, with a wonderful authentic feel.

Most hotels on Raratonga are small and boutique-style, and you’re never very far from one of the stunning beaches. The island is surrounded by a lagoon and then the reef, so snorkelling is wonderful, while beyond the reef the water is much deeper and excellent for diving.

If land-based activities are what appeal then you can take a mountain bike tour learning more about the island, its history and its wealth of plants, fruit and vegetables as you go, or take a thrilling jeep safari adventure in central mountains or go on a quad bike adventure!

Take the 50 minute flight to neighbouring Aitutaki and you will step off the plane into a real dream holiday destination – white sugar-sand beaches, turquoise waters and tiny uninhabited islands in the blue lagoon truly are a sight to behold. You can stay in luxurious hotels and simply truly get away from it all or simply take the day trip from Raratonga – it really is heaven on earth!

Temperatures typically vary from 18˚C-28˚C between May and October and 24˚C-29˚C from November to April, with the wettest season usually falling between January and May but they rarely have extreme weather. If you’re planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand and looking to include a stopover holiday, then look no further than the Cook Islands. Or if you’re visiting California and can spare the time to add an escape to friendly, unspoilt island destination then the Cook Islands could be the perfect place.

See here for details of our holidays and say ‘Kia Orana’ – hello – to the Cooks with Destinology…

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Where to get married?

by Matthew Florent - June 21st, 2014

It’s been at least five minutes since I last talked about getting married. It’s probably time I updated you.

Since the oh so romantic Caribbean proposal a few weeks ago I’ve barely thought about it. I’ve just done some light research and read a couple of magazines. Is what I’m telling Henry.

In actual fact if you were to walk into my office now you’d see a room that looks like a confetti bomb has recently detonated.

There are pictures from magazines covering half the walls and the rest decorated with printed out photographs of dresses, flowers, cakes, table cloths, glasses, cutlery… and so on. I even have some photos of complete strangers haircuts who no doubt thought I was mad when I stopped them in the street. I’ve had to ban Henry from coming in here because if he saw it I’m not convinced he wouldn’t leave me.

There is a big hole though. A gaping chasm of wall space with nothing but a question mark and one word: ‘where?’

This is a quandary more and more couples are having these days as the lure of an overseas celebration in a spectacular setting tempts them. Not least because weddings in the UK are very expensive. My dad is firmly in the overseas wedding camp almost certainly because he has to pick up the tab. We have tried to offer to pay but he won’t listen!

My mum wants it to be in the UK as she doesn’t trust airlines to not lose my dress.

And Henry doesn’t seem to mind. If he does he’s keeping it to himself and that’s probably wise.

I was leaning towards Italy. That was until I popped into South Lodge Hotel on the edge of the South Downs. I think Brits too often think we need to go abroad to find the most beautiful places. This hotel proves otherwise. As I walked through the acres of parklands and woods and sat drinking Pimms in front of a glorious countryside view I could picture myself getting married there.

South Lodge Hotel

South Lodge Hotel in Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom

With formal lawns, incredible displays of rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias and croquet (my favourite game) this place is heavenly.

So as soon as I’ve finished writing this post I’ll be printing out the photo above and pinning it inside the big empty ‘where’ space on my cork board.

It’s not definite but it’s going to take some serious beating.

I’ll let you know where we end up choosing. For now I’ve got some Pinterest pinning to do!

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Melissa and Henry are going to Ireland

by Matthew Florent - June 17th, 2014

One could argue that I haven’t used my evening wisely tonight. What I was supposed to be doing was getting excited about the engagement present (yes I’m getting married) Henry’s parents arranged for us. A rather lovely weekend away at Brooks Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

And actually in a way I have been getting excited. Just not in the most productive way.

Brooks Hotel Front

Brooks Hotel in Dublin, Ireland

Instead of reading all about it and looking at the photos I’ve been trying to turn my name and Henry’s name into one all-encompassing name.

Why? WHY? Yes very good question. Well it’s because of two Americans called Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Or as they are now known, Kimye.

Kimye. It’s wonderful isn’t it.

Turning two people’s names into one has been popular for a while now. Brangelina may have started it all, I can’t remember.

Anyway. Kimye are in Ireland for their honeymoon apparently and so I thought it apt that Henry and I have our singular name sorted in time for the trip.

The trouble is that Henry and Melissa don’t really go together. Hensa? Melenry? Menry? They all sound like unpleasant tropical diseases to me.

It turns out, after many many hours of trying, it just isn’t meant to be. So for now it’ll just be Melissa and Henry are going to Ireland.


Brooks Hotel in Dublin, Ireland

His parents chose very well too. The Brooks Hotel is lovely. No surprises there. But more importantly it knows what it’s there for. Which may sound a little silly but I’ll try to explain.

Some hotels think that they are the centre of the universe, that inside their walls is where everything important and wonderful happens. In thinking this they make the disastrous mistake of forgetting why people travel. Why the kind of people who book SLH hotels travel.

The hotel must be lovely of course and have a great restaurant, nice rooms and all the rest of it. But the lion’s share of the holiday, especially in a city as swimming in history, culture and fun as Dublin, takes place outside the walls.

Brooks Hotel has the food, drink and facilities to keep you perfectly safe and content for weeks on end but instead they want you to explore. To head to nearby spots like Trinity College, St. Stephen’s Green, Grafton Street, National Art Gallery, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, Kilmainham Gaol Museum, Botanic Gardens, Dublin Castle, golf, tennis, horse riding, theatres, antiques, boutiques… I could go on but I won’t. I think you get my point.

I know from speaking to friends who have been there and met the concierges and asked for tips that there’s nothing the staff like more than for holidaymakers to get a good look at their home town of Dublin and come back exhausted and ready to be pampered.

So that’s what exactly what Hissa (last try – didn’t work did it) is going to do. And I’ll tell you all about it another day. See you next week.

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Plenty of fish in the sea – terrifying isn’t it

by Matthew Florent - June 14th, 2014

If there’s one thing I haven’t done that fills me with regret it’s scuba diving.

So many people have, it’s not particularly brave and really I should just do it.

But I’m scared.

It’s strange that I’m scared. Because I’m not usually. I don’t mind snakes, I am happy to pick up spiders, and I will jump off high things without making a fuss.

But there’s something about going deep underwater and not knowing what I’m going to see or what’s behind me that fills me with fear.

But as JFK famously said (although not in the context of scuba diving) we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And sharks of course. Oh and jelly fish. And ones oxygen tank blowing up. And ‘the bends’ if you come up too fast. Other than that though it’s just fear.

So I’ve decided to jump in and try to conquer scuba diving.

The big question for me was where? I wanted it to be beautiful obviously, sunny with warm water so I don’t get cold and a sea full of interesting things that don’t want to eat me.

My other factor was making sure I did it in a proper place with excellent instructors and pristine equipment.

So I have chosen. Spice Island Beach Resort in St Georges, Grenada.

Grenada is perhaps not as well known as it should be for scuba but those in the know will tell you to go.

The hotel is set in eight acres of tropical gardens, it’s on the beach and the food is delicious with international cuisine and Creole both on offer.

Spice Island Beach Resort 2

Spice Island Beach Resort in St Georges, Grenada

Plus the spa, Janissa’s, has recently been redesigned by arguably America’s top architect and interior designer Kobi Karp.

Most importantly for this particular trip though is the PADI-certified diving centre which is full of very experienced instructors who are as happy with terrified beginners like me as they are with experts.

Hopefully they won’t mind me clinging on to them too much.

Some might say it’s silly to do what scares me but I think we should all try to stop fear from ruining our fun.

I’d love to hear from any of you who did something that scared them and loved it.

For now I’m just going to watch some YouTube clips of friendly looking sea animals like turtles and Nemo.

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Watch the World Cup in Style

by Matthew Florent - June 10th, 2014

World Cup fever is sweeping the world – and that includes some of the world’s finest luxury hotels and resorts.

If you’re looking for a little holiday inspiration, then take a look at our favourite places to watch the tournament. From the stunning natural beauty of the Indian Ocean to the dazzling metropolis of Dubai, these superb properties will make your World Cup one to remember – regardless of how your team does!

The World Cup is the perfect excuse for discovering the recently-opened Atmosphere Kanifushi in the Maldives. This five-star resort will be screening every game live and serving some delicious World Cup cocktails, such as the ‘Blondie’ for England (cucumber, London Dry gin, passion fruit liqueur and syrup!). With pristine white sands and a fabulous Platinum Plus all inclusive package, this is a great place to enjoy the tournament. If Mauritius is your place of dreams, you’ll find a wide programme of festivities at Le Meridien Ile Maurice, including a Latino night to celebrate the opening ceremony on 12 June.

Whether you want to enjoy the tournament in private or immerse yourself in a World Cup atmosphere, Dubai has you covered. The ultra-chic Voda Bar at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray will be showing games live on a huge projector screen, as well as offering a football-themed Bar bites menu and promotions on beverages. You’ll also be able to enjoy the tournament under the stars at One&Only Royal Mirage’s fabulous Rooftop Lounge. But for when you just want a little peace and quiet, both hotels will be making games available to view for guests within their rooms.

For an experience that’s almost like being there, book a stay at Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina and enjoy easy access to the Barasti Beach Stadium. This dome structure features a 12-metre-wide screen – the equivalent of watching 100 television sets! Fully air conditioned, the stadium has a capacity of over 1,000 and entrance is free.

Football fans should also consider a World Cup holiday in the Caribbean and Mexico. These vibrant destinations have the advantage of being in a similar time zone to Brazil, meaning you can enjoy the tournament at a more sociable hour! The Secrets and Dreams resorts in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica guarantee to show every match live, and you can expect fun-filled festivities such as Brazilian-themed parties, Capoeira shows, parades and more. Alternatively, why not book a stay at Antigua’s five-star-deluxe Carlisle Bay, and soak up the sunshine on the glorious beach before enjoying the football in the resort’s cinema room.

Last but certainly not least, Europe is the perfect choice for those seeking a luxury World Cup experience not too far from home. Mardan Palace in Turkey is well and truly embracing the World Cup, with two screening venues, special events, tournaments, parties and themed food and beverage buffets. If you’ve not seen this resort before, it really is a palatial property! Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa in Majorca is also a fabulous place to enjoy the tournament. Catch the footballing action whilst enjoying 2 for 1 on Spanish beer, house cocktails and soft drinks during matches.

If we’ve inspired you to book a luxury World Cup holiday, then take a look at our deals here, where you’ll find great offers including reduced rates, free nights and complimentary Half Board.

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FUNNY FACE – An exclusive screening of THE fashion film

by Matthew Florent - June 7th, 2014

Like most women, if you asked us to name the most stylish, iconic film star of all time we’d have to plump for Audrey Hepburn.

From Holly Golightly’s all-time classic little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, through to the iconic image of her princess astride a scooter in Roman Holiday – complete with oh-so-chic neck scarf -Hepburn has given us some of cinema’s most unique and enduring looks. So naturally, as the official hotel of London Fashion Week, we’re big fans of Audrey here at The May Fair.

Hepburn in Funny Face

Of course, with almost everyone woman’s wardrobe informed by Audrey Hepburn in one way or another, we aren’t the only fans. Notting Hill based luxury vintage boutique The Gathering Goddess have made her their ‘Goddess of the Month’ and as part of their Vintage Screenings program are hosting an exclusive, sold-out showing of her 1957 film Funny Face in The May Fair’s luxurious private screening room this evening.

As well as Hepburn, the musical also stars another of Hollywood’s screen icons, Fred Astaire and tells the story of a would-be philosopher turned model and her burgeoning relationship with a photographer. From their witty banter to their playful yet loveable duets, the chemistry between Astaire and Hepburn lights up the screen, depicting the world of fashion from an entirely new angle. Satirizing some of fashion’s most poignant stereotypes, and featuring a wardrobe by Hubert du Givenchy, Funny Face is the fashion film.

Funny Face

Introduced by actress and model Gemma Chan, and hosted in conjunction with luxury online fashion retailer Farfetch, the screening will be preceded by a cocktail reception in The May Fair’s stunning atrium, complete with some soulful live jazz.

Following the sold-out screening there will also be the opportunity to shop some vintage treasures, though we can’t promise you’ll managed to find one of Givenchy’s LBDs!

Remember to follow The May Fair on twitter and Facebook for details of more events like this, and be sure to check out The Gathering Goddess and their Vintage Screenings program.

Click here for more details about The May Fair’s private screening room.

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Can a Hotel be too Pretty?

by Matthew Florent - June 3rd, 2014

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog post is choosing the photos.

Take Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel in Ibiza for example. When you have a moment take a look at their photos and then imagine you can only pick two.

Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel 10

Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel in Ibiza, Spain

It’s impossible. As hard as picking a wedding dress or wedding cake or wedding flowers or…

Sorry, I am determined to not just talk about my wedding for the next year. I got engaged if you haven’t heard. You probably have heard as I shouted it from the rooftops last week!

Anyway back to Ibiza and these hotel photos. It’s amazing how often hotels take bad photos of themselves but in this case I think a blindfolded drunk alien who has never used a camera before and hasn’t slept for a week could get some good ones. It’s that pretty.

Because it’s set high on a cliff top. It’s surrounded by pinewoods. Everywhere you look is blue sea and bluer sky. It’s in a nature reserve. And just to ensure my photographic selection experience is a total nightmare they decided to build a cascading seawater pool. If you thought infinity pools were as good as it gets think again.

Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel 6

Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel in Ibiza, Spain

On top of this there’s a spa that looks like it was designed by angels and four restaurants where you won’t know whether to stare at the view or the food.

If you decide to go I’d actually recommend not taking a camera. You’ll never stop clicking.

And if you don’t stop you won’t be able to pop to nearby Formentera or explore the many secret coves of Ibiza. Or go on a yacht, or snorkel or see the old town or even be able to book in for a spa treatment by the sunset terrace overlooking the cliffs. And not doing these things would be criminal.

There’s something else I liked while reading about this place too. It’s the dress code. There isn’t one.

Personally I can’t get on board with dress codes. It makes me think of stuffy cruise ships from last century. We all know how to dress ourselves and nobody wants to feel uncomfortable by being stuck wearing something that is too tight or too fussy when there’s wine, food, views and warm weather to enjoy.

You’ll see I chose a couple of photos in the end. Let me know which ones you would have picked.

See you next week.


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See Malaysia in style with Shangri-La

by Matthew Florent - May 30th, 2014

Malaysia is a fantastic country of exhilarating charm.

Ideal for touring and multi centre holidays, the country boasts an intriguing capital city in Kuala Lumpur and many unique offshore islands like Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Langkawi and Terengganu.

Perfect as a honeymoon destination, guests departing from the UK will land at Kuala Lumpur which is a suitable stopover city for an overnight or 2 night stay.

In KL, you can traverse the steps to the limestone Batu Caves, head to the shops at Merdeka Square, or ascend to the viewing deck of the Petronas Towers for soaring views of the city from this former ‘tallest building in the world’. Retail therapy can be enjoyed in one of several air conditioned malls. You’ll find trendy bars and cafes on Bintang Walk for a spot of nightlife. Whilst here, you should consider staying at the Shangri La Kuala Lumpur (pictured below), which gets an impressive 92/100 rating from 8 reviews by Destinology customers.

At Shangri La Kuala Lumpur, your experience will be defined by high levels of service, immaculate guest bedrooms and outstanding dining. Previous honeymoon couples have commented on the warmth of welcome and impressive decadence of this imposing skyscraper hotel which acts like a beacon for luxury in the city. 

Of course, Malaysia offers a wealth of options for you to explore once the Kuala Lumpur leg of your holiday is complete. For most island destinations within the country, an internal flight is required. NB: Penang is possibly the exception as the island can be reached by bridge (similar to Phuket) but the road transfer from KL is around 6 hours dependant on traffic.

Penang is noted for its outstanding cuisine, it even has a Malaysian curry named after it. The island itself is a tropical paradise with gorgeous beaches and several top hotels, one of which is the beachfront Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La (pictured below).

Penang’s key attractions include its collections of temples and mosques including the ‘Reclining Buddha Temple’ which is a must visit attraction for anyone sightseeing in Penang. Breathtaking views of the island can be enjoyed from the top of Penang Hill (there’s a funicular for those not keen on the walk) whilst the Jalan Kebun Bunga botanical gardens offering a pleasant ‘english country garden’ themed departure from the beaches.

With a bar and grill restaurant on the beach, a children’s pool and kids club and a spa with tennis courts – Golden Sands Resort is something of an all-rounder and a stay here is sure to please families as well as couples.

Another option for guests visiting Malaysia is to take the internal flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu. The island, part of Borneo – features the stunning Turtle Island National Park where you might be lucky enough to see the inhabitants hatchlings’ in the summer months. Other key attractions include the amazing open air spa at Poring Hot Springs where you can enjoy time relaxing in the Japanese style suplhur baths and a variety of nature trails and waterfalls.

Whilst you’re in Kota Kinabalu, visit the delightful Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, which is now owned and managed by Shangri-La. This 25 acre site offers easy access to Sunset Beach and rooms yield views over the South China Sea and Mount Kinabalu. A sensational 2000 sqm pool and a CHI branded Spa are also ‘must do’s’ whilst the Kinabalu National Park is close at hand.

The hotel is proud of its business class facilities as well as its leisure pursuits and as such will appeal to enhanced range of clientele. Plentiful restaurants, bars and facilities for families travelling with children under the age of 12 make this hotel similar in its appeal to Golden Sands in Penang – but with a stronger pull for business travellers.

Another option on Kota Kinabalu, and perhaps the most exciting location of all these featured hotels is Shangri La’s Rasa Ria – a tropical wilderness retreat fronted by a golden beach and home to an amazing nature reserve with an orang-utan educational centre.

Magical experiences where guests can juxtapose spa circuits, golf at Dalit Bay and jungle walks with bird watching, orang-utan interaction and water sports makes this hotel an enticing proposition for those looking for an experience, ‘doing’ holiday – but still with plenty of options to unwind in style and comfort as well.

If you are tempted by these or any of our other Malaysia holidays – call the number below or click to send us an enquiry form.


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Top 6 places to visit in summer 2014

The modern life is full of hum drum and speed. There is literally no time to relax and rejuvenate for anyone owing to the busy work schedules. Everyone is busy minting money no matter and there is absence of peace of mind. But, there is something to cheer about because summer 2014 is approaching soon and its holiday time for all. The holidays are always an extremely relaxing time where one can stay away from the modern life rat race and regain all the lost energy. And what better way of celebrating holidays than by going on a vacation with family or friends to some far off place. Travelling to a new place is a wonderful experience and this experience could become even more rewarding if you choose the right place to travel to.

In order to help you with your dilemma, I have tried to compile the top 5 places that one must visit during summer 2014:

1. Chicago Also known as "the windy city", Chicago is one of the biggest cities of United States. It attracts almost 50 million tourists from around the world every year. Chicago is blessed with some most exotic and expansive beaches that make it an ideal location to travel this summer. Apart from the beaches, there is magnificent mile, Ferris wheel and great lakes cruising that offer the tourists to travel to Chicago's neighboring cities such as Toronto and Montreal in cruise.

2. Ireland Also known as the republic of Ireland earns most part of its revenue from its tourism. Ireland has been voted as the world's friendliest country and the favorite holiday destination in 2011 itself. And if this reason is not enough for you, then there is the famous scenic coastline and the beautiful towns by the shore side for the tourists. The cliffs of Mohar and Burren are the two most famous geological travel destinations in Ireland. If you like the Irish scenery but don't want to make the trip across the sea - don't worry! You can find similar scenes by staying at one of the many luxury Cumbria holiday cottages.

3. Sydney is one of the biggest and most famous cities of Australia, visited by 15 million visitors every year. The major travel hotspots in Sydney are the Opera House, Sydney Bridge, Luna Park and its amazing beaches. Port Jackson is a natural harbor located in Sydney that is famous for its scenic beauty and thus every year attracts tourists from around the world.

4. Rome If you have a curiosity for the past and interested in seeing the famous archaeological wonders, then Rome is the place for you. With plenty of museums, parks, panoramic views and unique culture, Rome offers a treat for the eyes and the soul. The Colosseum and the Vatican museums are considered to be the most popular tourist spots in the world.

5. Macau It is one of the most famous travelling destinations in the Asia. If you always had a thing for knowing Chinese culture, then Macau is the place for you. In fact, Macau has a lot of influence of Portuguese culture as well. With the famous casinos and nightclubs, it is a heaven for the party lovers. There are a lot of choices of hotels and resorts in Macau owing to its world class tourism industry.

6. Amsterdam It has been said that when Amsterdam was created they had stag do's in mind. Amsterdam is place of surprise and a great time around every corner. Perfect for your Amsterdam stag weekend is the large array of activity's from coffee shops,art gallery's, bar crawls and the notorious red light district with nothing but fun on your stag weekend.

So, if you are planning to visit these wonderful travel destinations or any other places, then make sure to have a good time!